Top 6 Best Snorkel Gear – Reviews and Complete Guide

best snorkel gear

Snorkel gear plays an important role in your snorkeling or scuba diving experience. Especially if you are going out there for the first time, it is important to choose the best scuba gear. This guide will help you a lot in choosing the best snorkel gear and also draw comparisons of different scuba gear with one another.

Make sure to check them out to learn more about them, we will be including short but effective reviews, comparisons, things we like and dislike and finally there will be 1 winner. So, without further wait, let’s begin.

I. Best Snorkel Gear Comparison Table

Special feature
Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Snorkeling Gear Bag
best snorkel gear

Amazing panoramic and clear view, super secure mask, 1-way purge valve and more

Editor's Choice

U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Set - Adult Mask, Proflex Fins, Splash Guard Snorkel + Gear Bag
U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Set - Adult Mask

Single lens design, push button buckle and more.


Seavenger Diving Set with Silicone Mask, Trek Fins / Flippers
Seavenger Diving Set

One size that fits all, airent snorkel, 1 way purge valve

Snorkel Set - Snorkeling Gear - Snorkel Mask Full Face - Snorkeling Set
Snorkel Set - Snorkeling Gear

Flawless fitting of the lenses, 100% silicon and high quality skirt

Seavenger Voyager Advanced Snorkeling Set
Seavenger Voyager Advanced Snorkeling Set

EZ nose pocket, lower-volume styling and more

U.S. Divers Lux Platinum Snorkeling Set
U.S. Divers Lux Platinum Snorkeling Set

Super comfortable dual strap, sleek design and much more

II. Best Snorkel Gear Reviews

  1. Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Snorkeling Gear Bag

   1.1 Short review: 

The snorkel of this snorkel set comes with a palau short fins and it is a one hundred percent dry snorkel. There is also a carry mesh bag that you can use as a travel bag on occasions. Besides that, there is also a very prominent feature that makes this snorkel set stand out. You guessed that right! We’re talking about the anti-splash end with a valve that closes automatically. Moreover, the engineers have designed this snorkel ergonomically for extreme comfort.

best snorkel gear

Editor's Choice

The skirt edges are designed in such a way that that you can adapt any face shape quite easily. Cressi has also given another very useful feature called Rapid action buckles that are quite helpful in adjusting the strap. The benefit of the drop top snorkel is that it completely seals out all water when a wave comes.

   1.2 Special things of this product: 

Let’s understand the difference between short blade and long blade. Though the short ones are compact and easy to carry, they do require more energy to kick. Moreover, longer blades are known to move you forward more easily as compared to the shorter ones. Forward propulsion is achieved more comfortably with a longer blade, which this snorkel has. The snorkel has an open-heel design which just means that it is easy to share the equipment with your friends.

special things

There is also Splash-Proof Dry Guard on the top to further improve the protection that it gives you. Also, a convenient feature is that you will not have to dry the snorkel manually as you come to the surface. Onda mask and Supernova Dry Snorkel come with the fins and transparent silicon is present in the production of both of these. They are designed to provide you maximum comfort and protection at the same time.

 1.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Transparent silicon made most part of the body
  • Anti-splash for a smooth submerging experience
  • Adaptive skirt edge to make sure that it adapts to your face shape
  • Top dry snorkel
  • High quality and durable

Things we dislike: 

  • Can’t go too deep underwater with it
  • Could improve fitting for the kids

   1.4 Who should get it? 

The interesting thing about this snorkel set is that it is perfect for even the novice snorkelers. However, the experienced snorkelers and scuba divers can take their diving experience to an even bigger level.

  2. U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Set - Adult Mask, Proflex Fins, Splash Guard Snorkel + Gear Bag

   2.1 Short review: 

Now, as the name suggests, this is a snorkel set for not only the causal snorkelers but also water enthusiasts. It comes with a number of great features for snorkeling and scuba diving. Besides that, it comes in a size that fits most of the people and there is a 2-window adjustable mas as per user needs. There is a splash top and also a one way purge valve for water drainage purposes and to keep it clean.

Besides that, it has many great features, it has a full foot pocket fins with dual composite vent blades. A lot of snorkel gear face the problem when it comes to drying them easily and storage too. However, there is a gear bag that addresses and solves both these problems easily. Hydro-adhesion technology is great in its guard top to prevent water entry. Thanks to the energy efficient vent fin blades, it is a lot energy efficient.

   2.2 Special things of this product: 

There are a number of great features about this product and we would like to start with easy-adjust buckles. The buckles present in this gear are not ordinary but 3-way adjust Pro-Glide buckles. What they do is fit the mask fully comfortably to your face which results in your snorkeling adventure getting extend for hours. Moreover, the Soft closed-heel foot pocket will fit comfortably when you are barefoot.

There are no fitting issues and since the buckle is adjustable, you could always go and try to fit it manually. Most of the users have reported that the gear is just as good as it looks. The energy efficient vent fin blades make sure that it lasts for a good time to further improve your experience. Ultimately, you will tire less if you use this and all its features will be working on improving your snorkeling experience for sure.

 2.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Full Foot Fins
  • It is energy efficient fin blades
  • Hydro-adhesion Technology in splash guard
  • You can adjust the buckles pretty easily
  • Durable and high quality material to last a long time

Things we dislike: 

  • Mask seal is plastic. Silicon is a better choice
  • Hard plastic doesn’t fit your face

   2.4 Who should get it? 

Most importantly, this is the kind of snorkel set that you can recommend to recreational snorkelers and even the pros looking for the best value snorkeling set for their next underwater adventure. Comes with a number of great features, it is a delight to them.

  3. ​Seavenger Diving Set with Silicone Mask, Trek Fins / Flippers

   3.1 Short review: 

The package includes all 3 snorkel, mask and gear bag that you can use when necessary. This is an in-demand snorkel set and it comes with dry snorkel feature which lets it get dry easily. Also, the convenient splash guard is there to protect you as you descent underwater and protects you. This is the feature that is a must when it comes to choosing any snorkel. Moreover, there is a feature called “exhale to purge” which means that there is only one quick exhale to purge the water from the breathing tube.

Most importantly, this snorkel comes with a single lens mask ensures a crystal clear view so that you can enjoy the underwater world as much as you can. A very interesting feature is that you also get to own a plastic mesh bag that you can also use as a travel bag and it dries very quickly.

   3.2 Special things of this product: 

The most notable thing about this product is the full flex section curves around the face. There are present to give you extra jaw comfort and makes holding the mouthpiece easy. Clearing the snorkeling is easy because it takes only one short, firm exhale through the one way purge valve to clear the water. This makes for easy clearing without consuming much of your time.

special things

Most importantly, there is also a quick release snorkel button which lets you quickly release the tab to slide the snorkel onto the mask strap. The mouthpiece is made of hypoallergenic silicon which gives you a margin to bite it naturally and keep your jaw comfortable. Locking Toggle Drawstring Bag is just a gift from the vendor as you can use it for draining and ventilation. The single lens is made of tempered glass and is shatterproof so you can relax about your safety.

 3.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Quick Release Fin Buckles
  • There is a swiveling buckle option to allow you to go for the most ideal strap fitting
  • Single lens shatterproof mask
  • Ortho-conscious Mouthpiece to keep your jaw relaxed
  • High quality and durable

Things we dislike: 

  • They could improve the mouthpiece fitting
  • They should improve the kids fitting to facilitate more

   3.4 Who should get it? 

This mask is literally for anyone, even it has a number of sizes available to fit all the kids and it is just brilliant. From kids to amateurs and professionals, this snorkel set would facilitate everyone and give them a good experience. 

  4. Snorkel Set - Snorkeling Gear - Snorkel Mask Full Face - Snorkeling Set

   4.1 Short review: 

Let’s start the review of this snorkeling set with the lens that is featured in its snorkel. It is a 180 degrees polycarbonate lens that works flawlessly well with the extra log tube and you get to enjoy an amazing wide view. This snorkel comes with an even longer tube and it is just to make your diving experience better. Also, there are separate breathing chambers so that the breathing is kept away from the face and there is no fogging issue.

This snorkel has another much demanded feature, it is fully compatible with GoPro that you can mount on it. Not just GoPro but you can apply any waterproof camera to shoot the videos and share with friends. There is also a 1-way valve that stops you from swallowing the salty water and hence it is equally compatible for kids.

   4.2 Special things of this product: 

What comes as a bonus is the adjustable fins and a remarkable anti-fog spray and it deters the lens fog. The perfect way to use the anti-fog spray is to fill the bottle with water and spray it on the mask. This will make sure to give you an even clearer and more spectacular view of the underwater world. Another special thing about this product is that it comes with a curved impact-resistant lens which is just ideal for the people who love to shoot videos.

special things

This mask promises to offer the unsurpassed comfort and a soft silicone seal is present to conform to your face shape and fit perfectly. 4-point harness strap is present in it to support the watertight seal and that makes it equally ideal for the adults and the kids. Last but not the least, their even longer breathing tube is present to ensure even the novice snorkelers will enjoy their time using it.

 4.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • 4-point harness strap for support
  • Anti-fog bottle and spray
  • Curved impact-resistant lens
  • Silicone mouthpiece for added comfort
  • Durable and high quality material

Things we dislike: 

  • Leaks a little when going too deep
  • A little unpleasant to eyes

   4.4 Who should get it? 

Since it has a number of great safety features such as 4-point harness strap for support and more, that makes it the perfect choice for kids and adults. Even the most novice snorkelers can use it to have a great time under the water.

  5. Seavenger Voyager Advanced Snorkeling Set

   5.1 Short review: 

It is a dry snorkel that has a number of great features and it is hard to pick one as the best. However, there is one that catches the most attention and it is the one way purge valve that makes breathing easier than ever. Water seepage is a major problem in many of the scuba masks but that is not the case here. They solved this problem with the help of liquid-injected silicone that stops any water supply into the mask.

The shape and size of the mask is pretty compact so you can carry it around easily. Moreover, the mask uses a single lens that is tempered glass which is stronger than just PVC plastic. There is also a very high-quality bag with a zipper that you can adjust in any travel bag or something like that. There is also flexible strap positioning that allows for custom strap placement as per your preferences.

   5.2 Special things of this product: 

There is splash guard system in the snorkel that keeps deflecting the water from the breathing tube. Besides that, there is also an easy kick with fine construction and it is great to add power to every single stroke and hence reducing your fatigue. One in-demand feature is that it has a very flexible and soft silicon mouthpiece that keeps your jaw relaxed. This is good because some masks offer plastic mouthpiece that just make the jaw tired.

It is natural for water to get into the breathing tube and for this purpose, there is a solution included. A special diaphragm valve in the bottom area of the mask is opened so that you just need to inhale and it will close the valve. There is a mesh bag included in it which you can use to put your objects and carry them around wherever you go.  

special things

 5.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Dry snorkel top
  • One-way purge valve
  • Multi-use fins
  • Mesh bag for traveling and carrying things around
  • Durable and of high quality

Things we dislike: 

  • Water leakage when going too deep into the water
  • They could improve the fitting

   5.4 Who should get it? 

All in all, it is a decent and reasonable snorkel set that has a number of advantages of other sets. Having that said, it is ideal for the adults and people who go snorkeling and scuba diving a lot and know their way around the underwater world.

  6. U.S. Divers Lux Platinum Snorkeling Set

   6.1 Short review: 

Probably one of the most innovative designs of all the snorkels and it offers a 4-window design. The lens offers a panoramic view for an even broader view of the underwater world and it is made of tempered glass. Moreover, there is hypoallergenic silicon that is helpful to manufacture the mouthpiece. The ergonomic silicon piece is designed to keep your jaw relax and you can enjoy longer stays in the water.

One much demanded feature is present it the snorkel and that is the dual composite vented blades. They are known for providing excellent power and energy that further improves your efficiency. While other snorkel sets come with a mesh bag, this one offers an excellent bag with heavy duty nylon for prolonged use. The comfo strap is present in the snorkel to give you as much comfort as possible. Now enjoy your underwater stay for as long as you want without having to worry about other factors.

   6.2 Special things of this product: 

The dry top snorkel is designed to close automatically when submerging and it keeps water out of the breathing tube to help you breathe easily and comfortably. A lot of users require the go-pro compatibility so it is also capable of doing hands-free recording of your time under water. The snorkel is designed to provide you as much comfort as possible and extend your view of the underwater world. Besides that, it comes with a lightweight and portable gear bag that is helpful to keep the car keys, cell phone and stuff like that.

special things

One of the most awesome things about this snorkel gear is that it is comprised of very high quality silicone materials. The composite heel strap is great to adjust the buckles just like that way you want. The heavy duty nylon bag is just the most perfect way to carry things around and keep them safe. The wonderful panoramic view is beyond anyone’s expectations and is spectacular. All in all, this is one amazing snorkel set with a combinations of features which you will just love.

 6.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Amazing 4-window that offers amazing panoramic view
  • Hypoallergenic silicon skirt for jaw comfort and it doesn’t let them get tire
  • Effortless purging with the help of a dry top snorkel
  • Dual composite vented blades to save your power
  • Durable material that is great to prolong the life of the snorkel

Things we dislike: 

  • They should improve the fan quality for a long lasting life
  • There are only a few colors to choose from

   6.4 Who should get it? 

Overall, it is a good choice for amateurs to professionals trying to take their scuba skills to the next level. For beginners though, it doesn’t offer the best features to help them through. There is not a kid variant as of now but they may release it at some time in the future.

III. Conclusion

To call 1 winner would not be fair because this was a close contest and a lot of the brand offers some amazing features. Some stand out to be better than the others in one aspect but the others have some better features too. We also took value for money into account because this is an important factor as well. Again, we have to say that it was a close call and picking one winner does not mean that the others are not better. It’s just that our winner stood out to be the better one in the end.

Our best snorkel gear for today is Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Snorkeling Gear Bag. This decision is backed by many of the factors, such as anti-splash feature, skirt edge and more. The skirt edge feature helps adjusting the mask according to any shape. Moreover, the rapid action buckles also help a lot in adjusting the strap as per your preferences. It is quite reasonable as compared to its peers.

Besides that, do not go for only the cheapest snorkel set but look for the one that offers good value for money. Therefore, this one, did have the best features and that too against a very reasonable price and a lot of good features.

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