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best snorkel mask

Do you love to go snorkeling? Is scuba diving and snorkeling your passions? Then you have come to the right place because this guide will cover all the aspects in good detail. If you are confused about making a final decision on choosing the best snorkel mask, you will get help here. We have performed great research to prepare this guide and we hope you will learn lots from this.  So, without further wait, let’s get to it and show you all the info about snorkel masks.

I. Best Snorkel Mask Comparison Table

Special feature
Mpow Snorkel Mask, Scuba Diving Mask
best snorkel mask

Amazing panoramic and clear view, super secure mask, 1-way purge valve and more

Editor's Choice

Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask
Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling

Single lens design, push button buckle and more.


U.S. Divers Icon Mask + Airent Snorkel Set
U.S. Divers Icon Mask + Airent Snorkel Set

One size that fits all, airent snorkel, 1 way purge valve

Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set
Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set

Flawless fitting of the lenses, 100% silicon and high quality skirt

Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Mask Snorkel Set
Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Mask Snorkel Set

EZ nose pocket, lower-volume styling and more

Adult Dry Snorkel Set - Anti-Fogging Protection & Tempered Glass
Adult Dry Snorkel Set

Super comfortable dual strap, sleek design and much more

II. Best Snorkel Mask Reviews

  1. Mpow Snorkel Mask, Scuba Diving Mask

   1.1 Short review: 

This is the kind of snorkel mask that has the strength and ability to withstand lots and lots of underwater pressure. Not just that but it also has the anti-fog feature that also comes in handy when you are underwater. When you are under water, you feel the need to see everything in HD and that’s where the tempered glass lens is useful. Another thing that matters a lot is the skirt and its skirt is made of silicon to grant you comfort.

best snorkel mask

Editor's Choice

The flexible silicon is super useful as it creates a seal around the diver’s face and creates a watertight seal. This means that no water can come in to disturb your under water experience. Also, nobody likes to have a hard time breathing under the water. For this purpose, there is a flexible PVC material that with the help of tube can be folded comfortably. This means that there is no obstruction in breathing and you have a good time snorkeling.

   1.2 Special things of this product: 

Among many great things that this snorkel offers, one that stands out most is the adjusted swivel buckles on the strap can be quickly adjusted as per your head. This customizable option is super awesome and there are no more fitting issues at all. No more cases where you are left fumbling as you are forced to adjust your mask beneath the water. All these features are designed to give you a nice and comfortable snorkeling experience and have a great time.

special things

The next best thing about this snorkeling mask is that there is a food-grade soft and smooth silicon mouthpiece. This has no peculiar smell to disturb you but is just natural, soft and sweet. Even in the worst case, when you submerge too deep, you can just exhale to let the water out with the help of a valve. The lens offers a spectacular panoramic view to help you see clearer than ever in the water.

What else can you expect from a snorkeling mask that is reasonable priced and offers a lot of features? This surely has the potential to be the best snorkeling mask there is at this price.

 1.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • UV400 protection that comes in handy in sunlight
  • Food-grade silicon soft mouthpiece with no odor at all
  • The purge valve that functions flawlessly
  • Easy to use, no special skill required
  • Durable and high quality

Things we dislike: 

  • Adjustment issue for large-headed people
  • Not the best option for submerging too deep

   1.4 Who should get it? 

On a scale, it is a pretty good deal for average to pro snorkelers who go diving 3 to 4 times a week. Having said that, it is also a good deal for the people who are new to the snorkeling world and are looking to try things.

  2. Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask

   2.1 Short review: 

Cressi is back with yet another snorkeling and freediving mask for your comfort and ease. Do not think twice when you are about to make a decision on this one. It comes with a number of great features such as ultra-clear lens for amazing clarity. It is actually a low volume design and the mask is super comfortable and soft. This means that you can go snorkeling and freediving without having to worry about your comfort.

The most interesting thing of all is that this is a frameless design mask that has a tempered glass lens to last longer than ever. Also, the push button buckle option is there for you to adjust your straps quite easily. You don’t have to worry about the wide field of vision at all. Moreover, it has an anti-splash top to grant you a smoother than ever snorkeling experience. It has got everything including the special valve seals that come in handy when you submerge.

   2.2 Special things of this product: 

This snorkeling mask comes with a number of great features such as its anti-splash design. This is a much required feature as you submerge in the water and you need smoothness. Besides that, it uses ultra-clear lens to show you some vivid colors and it has low volume design. One interesting aspect of this mask is that it has a frameless mask design with the addition of tempered glass design that offers clarity and longer than ever life as well.

You know the situations where you need to adjust your buckles quickly and comfortably. Well, this snorkeling mask comes with push button buckle to do that easily. Moreover, there is a special valve present that is used to seal the tube when you submerge. This makes sure that there are no entry points for the water to come in and ruin your diving experience. Easy to clear purge valve gives you the freedom to clear it yourself whenever you want.

 2.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Anti-splash feature for smooth snorkeling
  • Frameless mask design
  • Push button buckle
  • Quick release snorkel keeper
  • Easy to clear purge valve

Things we dislike: 

  • Fitting for kids should be better
  • Buckle opens too easily

   2.4 Who should get it? 

Fair to say that it has got some pretty decent features as per its price and it could be a good choice for the beginners and newcomers. However, this doesn’t meant that the regular and most experienced snorkelers cannot use that.

  3. ​U.S. Divers Icon Mask + Airent Snorkel Set

   3.1 Short review: 

U.S divers icon mask is back, with more advanced and amazing features for scuba divers and snorkelers. The most interesting thing about this mask is that it has a one size fits all design. The buckles are super easy to adjust and you could enjoy hours of super easy underwater exploring with clear view. The airnet snorkel is present in it along with a big tube so you can breathe easily and comfortably.

Thanks to the icon combo, you can easily avoid simple snorkeling challenges because it has a lot of user friendly features. In addition to that, there is a 2-window design of the mask that makes sure that there is no fogging problem. Thanks to that, you can easily enjoy the view beyond the mask and enjoy your time underwater. Last but not the least, there is a one-way purge valve which helps in clearing the surface water to give you all-clear view.

   3.2 Special things of this product: 

This snorkeling mask comes with a variety of great features that help you make your snorkeling experience memorable. First of all, there is good fitting for people of any age and it fits them perfectly. In addition to that, there is Pro-Glide buckles for easy adjustment and you can finally get the adjustment as per your requirement now. Thanks to this feature, you can now enjoy continuous hours of snorkeling and diving without having to worry about your safety and comfort.

special things

The wide and open tube design is implemented in this snorkeling mask which lets you breathe easily and freely. Let’s talk about the overall design and build of this snorkeling set which is simply flawless. They have paid attention to every little detail and it has a one size fits all technology. This means no more fitting issues now and all problems are solved.

 3.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • One-way purge valve for easy clearing
  • User-friendly features
  • One size fits all
  • Low-profile icon mask design
  • Open tube design for longer time for diving and snorkeling

Things we dislike: 

  • Kids fitting should be improved
  • Sharp edges should be fixed

   3.4 Who should get it? 

Given its features, benefits and specifications, it could be a good choice for people with average to pro experience in diving. However, this doesn’t mean that kids can enjoy the same level of security and safety.

  4. Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set

   4.1 Short review: 

Have you ever wished for a snorkeling mask that is able to fit the masks perfectly? Well, it seems like your wish has been granted because this mask has this ability which grants you an unobstructed field of vision. Plastic isn’t a good material for the rubber skirt and that is why they have used 100% high quality silicone rubber skirt. This makes sure to keep your whole journey as memorable as possible.

 Moreover, this snorkel set comes with a super durable feathered edge skirt for perfect seal on any face type and shape. This helps in improving its compatibility and giving you maximum comfort during your time under water. In addition to that, there are ratcheting mask strap buckles that can be manually adjust and quickly too. Last but not the least, they have included the split mask strap design that improves the fitting and comfort.

   4.2 Special things of this product: 

There are a number of things that have the tendency to stand out in this product. For example, there is the same fit and style as the panoramic 4-window mask that includes the side windows as well. This means clearer and even broader design and 100% liquid silicon means you can rest easy about your comfort. Also, there is tempered glass lens which is a lot more durable than the traditional PVC.

The mask is super easy to clear and has a long life so you will not have to spend more money on a newer mask again. The much required feature is the inclusion of easy adjusting buckles for your convenience. Again, the low volume design is super awesome for a wider frame of view and capture and see more under the water. All in all, it is a great snorkel mask, equally perfect for kids and adults.

 4.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Kid friendly
  • 4-window mask design
  • Quick buckle feature
  • Tempered glass design
  • Easy to clear

Things we dislike: 

  • Fitting should be better
  • Should reconsider when going too deep

   4.4 Who should get it? 

Since this has a lot of features and options for both adults and kids, this could be a good starter pack. However, this doesn’t refrain the professional or regular divers from using this mask because it is a complete package.

  5. Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Mask Snorkel Set

   5.1 Short review: 

Unlike the other snorkeling masks, this one is a bit different and offers different and unique features. This includes an EZ Equalize nose pocket that just adds to your comfort and more. Moreover, it uses a single lens that is patented and the side windows too are seamless so that you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic field of vision all the time. As if it weren’t enough, there is also a double sealed silicon skirt that help you fit it more easily. This is a much required feature to address all the fitting problems.

The snorkeling set offers an amazingly crystal clear view of the world and is just perfect for freediving. Moreover, upon users’ requests, they have now added an even lower-volume design that fits like it was made for you. It is easy to clear and take care of and there is also a large exhaust present to further improve your snorkeling experience. Last but not the least, there is a purge valve present in there for so that you can easily clear the water.

   5.2 Special things of this product: 

The most perfect thing about this mask is that the three window mask side lenses are fitted flawlessly and with detail. This is all just to help you enjoy an uninterrupted field of view as it grants more light to you. Moreover, the snorkel uses a Durable Polycarbonate Frame that gets flawless when used with amazing quality rubber silicon skirt. Now that is something you just cannot miss and becomes a necessary during snorkeling.

More special things about the product includes double sealed silicon that not just gives you a lot of comfort but also helps in fitting it well. A lot of users find such masks hard to clean but that is not the case here. This is because it has a large valve which makes it super easy for you to clean it without any problems.

 5.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Large valve for easy clearing
  • Double silicon skirt for amazing fitting
  • The all new lower-volume design for a complete fit
  • Large exhaust
  • Equalize nose pocket

Things we dislike: 

  • Edges can be a bit smoother
  • Can be more kid friendly with respect to sizes

   5.4 Who should get it? 

Since it is a unique mask with innovative features, we believe that it would be better option for the experienced snorkelers who can experience a bit with it. This is because they know their way around the ocean and can manage to experience with a bit of risk involved.

  6. Adult Dry Snorkel Set - Anti-Fogging Protection & Tempered Glass

   6.1 Short review: 

Have you ever felt the need to just forget about the straps for once in your life and feel free underwater? Well, if you have then this could be a really good option for you because it has extra comfortable dual straps. Same goes for the water leakages and salt water that is just too annoying. This mask has the dry technology in it, which means that you will not have to swallow nay more water. Same is the case when the other features are concerned such as anti-fogging and more.

You can just go scuba diving and snorkeling with it for hours and hours and not worry about fogging. Get a crystal clear vision of the underwater world and enjoy its sleek design that is getting much attention. The special thing about this mask is that it is equally good looking on both the men and women. It sits perfectly on your face and gives you snorkeling experience to remember for a lifetime.

   6.2 Special things of this product: 

If you too are fed up with the traditional mouthpieces that leak, then this could be a good option for you. This is made so elegantly that it just sits perfectly on your face like it was actually made for you. Forget about the fogging problems because it just eliminates that issue. The special thing about this product is that it comes with a case that is easy to bring to a holiday. The package includes a booklet, mesh bag, diving mask and a snorkel.

special things

Given its number of good features and specifications, this could be a very good option for you no matter if you are new to the snorkeling or have prior experience. Another good thing is the inclusion of the super soft silicon piece that just adds to the amazing experience. No more fatigued jaw and you can also clip on or off the googles in a second, thanks to the handy clip on the snorkel.

 6.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Super soft silicon mouthpiece for comfort
  • Amazing mesh bag to carry stuff around
  • Zero fog feature
  • Ability to let you breathe easily
  • Sleek design

Things we dislike: 

  • Design can be using smooth edges instead of sharp
  • Dual strap working can be a bit better

   6.4 Who should get it? 

Needless to say, it is a dynamic snorkeling mask that comes in handy many a times during your underwater activities. The variety of features let it be the number one choice for all the snorkelers, experienced or new both alike.

III. Conclusion

This was a tough choice to pick one winner among many good snorkeling masks. All of the masks offers great deals and value to money with a number of features that are excellent. Though the price range varied a bit, they still had a tough competition with each other. This is because every snorkeling mask came with a variety of options that came in handy at times. Still, this didn’t make it easy for us to pick a winner that easily. Having faced such a hard time to choose a winner, we are ready to announce it.

Our winner for today is Mpow Snorkel Mask, Scuba Diving Mask. This is because of a number of reasons, the top of those is that it delivers a perfect value to money. Besides that, the features and durability that it offers against the money is just amazing. This snorkel mask is the best snorkel mask of our collection for today and will compete against any mask in the market.

We hope you got to learn a lot from this guide and have sufficient knowledge to pick a winner. We bid farewell until the next time as we will be back with more guides to help you out.

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