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best snorkel

In this guide, we will cover in-depth everything you need to know about snorkel, snorkel comparison and more. Besides that, it will also cover snorkel reviews and a useful guide on how to choose the best snorkel. We will also touch a bit on how to clean and care a snorkel. So, let’s dive in and start right away and we hope that you find our guide useful.

I. Best Snorkel Comparison Table

Special feature
Phantom Aquatics Dry Snorkel
best snorkel

Easy Purge Systems, Quick-Release Buckle and

Editor's Choice

Cressi SUPERNOVA DRY, Adult Diving Dry Snorkel
Cressi SUPERNOVA DRY, Adult Diving Dry Snorkel

Large easy purge valve, dry top snorkel, flexible tube.


Kraken Aquatics Dry Snorkel
Kraken Aquatics Dry Snorkel

Quick release clip, higher quality valve, floating ball system.

Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel
Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel

Float mechanism, flexible tube, elliptical bore shape and high quality silicon

Calypso Aquatics Dry Snorkel
Calypso Aquatics Dry Snorkel

Float mechanism, patented purge valve and flexible tube

II. Best Snorkel Reviews

  1. Phantom Aquatics Dry Snorkel

   1.1 Short review: 

This snorkel has a dry top tube that is used for eliminating the water intake. This comes in handy in situations when you are diving underwater and enjoy your time. It is an Oval-Shaped Bored Tube that is combined with a lower flex tube. Given the combination of these two, it is a perfect snorkel for you to enjoy scuba wherever you want.

An interesting aspect is that when you are using the scuba regulator, the lower section flex tube gets out of the way automatically, giving you more freedom than ever. Easy Purge Systems One-Way Valve with Extra-Large Self-Draining helps in getting the water out, if it enters. Last but not the least, the angled mouthpiece fits perfectly in your mouth and makes snorkeling fun. Also, there is a quick release button that can be detached with a single-hand action.

best snorkel

Editor's Choice

   1.2 Special things of this product: 

The quick release button comes in handy in many situations and it can be detached with a single hand. Also, there is a self-draining chamber along with easy purge system. Another thing we like about this product is the streamlined oval-shaped bore that can fit the mouth perfectly. This provides you extra comfort while snorkeling underwater. The mouthpiece is replaceable.

You can relax knowing that it is the snorkel that will provide you enough safety and protection under water. Dry tube at the top actually eliminates water intake to keep you dry and safe.  

 1.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • It has a Dry Top Tube Seals Tube
  • There is also a Special mouthpiece for jaw comfort
  • It contains a Quick release buckle
  • Mouthpiece is replaceable
  • Durable and high quality material

Things we dislike: 

  • The dry valve is a bit difficult to move up and down
  • They should improve the Mouthpiece fitting a bit

   1.4 Who should get it? 

It is definitely a good choice for people who are in for a good snorkeling experience. That includes amateurs and pros and beginners who are in for their new experience underwater. It has a good body and is definitely solid enough to grant you safety.

  2. Cressi SUPERNOVA DRY, Adult Diving Dry Snorkel

   2.1 Short review: 

This unique and catchy dry snorkel by Cressi has an innovative dry top valve that is used to block the water entry even in the toughest of waters you are in. There is a flexible silicone tube at the bottom which keeps the snorkel away from your mouth. Moreover, the hypoallergenic angled mouthpiece is very good to fit perfectly even in the longest snorkels. Last but not the least, there is a large valve located below, which is pretty easy to clear.

This product is very kid friendly and for those new to snorkeling as they can easily use it. Supernova offers snorkels in 3 forms; Dry snorkel, semi-dry snorkel and classic snorkel. Each of these three offer almost the same benefits and comforts but vary a little in specification. Moreover, each of these three have their own advantages in specific conditions.

   2.2 Special things of this product: 

Supernova snorkel comes in 3 forms; dry snorkel which complete seals out all water as a wave comes in. You don’t even have to clean the snorkel after coming on the surface. Secondly, there is an extra-large purge system that clears the water from the tube and saves you the effort.

Flexible tube allows you more freedom when doing scuba diving as it goes away from face when not used. It has Splash Guard at the end which greatly reduces the entrance of water during use on the surface.

special things

 2.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • There is Splash-Proof Dry Guard for double protection
  • Extra Large Easy Purge System that helps water to clear out from tube instead of doing it manually.
  • It also has Flexible tube for free scuba diving.
  • Hypoallergenic Silicone made replaceable mouthpiece for added comfort and good fit.
  • It contains Lightweight and durable.

Things we dislike: 

  • There is a chance that the rubber flange could cause discomfort to some users
  • Clip to goggle mask does not fit all the users properly

   2.4 Who should get it? 

Overall, it is a good investment for snorkeling as it provides enough comfort and safety to all the users. Moreover, it comes with advanced design to help you breathe properly underwater and keep you safe.

  3. ​Kraken Aquatics Dry Snorkel

   3.1 Short review: 

If you want to have a better snorkeling and scuba diving experience then Kraken Aquatics dry snorkel could be a good option for you. While a class snorkel provides nothing but a solid tube in mouth which is not comfortable at all. This features a soft and smooth silicon mouthpiece that provides a very comfortable fit. It prevents the water from going in your mouth and makes the underwater swimming much more fun.

It has a dry top with floating ball system to keep the water out and also takes care of the mouth comfort. There is also a quick release function which can be connected and disconnected pretty easily. This can be manually adjusted up and down for an even better fit according to your face. Thanks to the corrugated silicon hose for more flexibility, the dry snorkel has a much better fit around your nose and face to provide you comfort and relaxation at the same time.

   3.2 Special things of this product: 

There is plenty to explore about this product such as its super comfortable silicon mouthpiece. This allows the snorkel to be used for a long time. The one way purge valve is useful to easily clear any water out of the snorkel.

Then there is a quick release clip that you can use to quickly and easily disconnect or connect the mask. It can also be adjusted up and down to have an even better fit as per your face. This makes it a really good choice for scuba diving, freediving, spearfishing and many more things.

special things

 3.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • Super convenient quick release clip for quick detachment and attachment
  • Great quality purge valve to easily clear out the water
  • Silicon made comfortable mouthpiece for added comfort
  • Floating ball system for helping the water to keep out
  • It is of High quality and durable

Things we dislike: 

  • The mask could do a bit better with fitting
  • They should make the mouthpiece a bit lighter in weight

   3.4 Who should get it? 

This snorkel is not only for scuba divers but it has multiple uses. This is good for scuba diving, freediving, spearfishing and more. Also, it could very well be a great addition to any scuba diver’s equipment. Best thing is that it also pairs up nicely with a good mask.

  4. Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel

   4.1 Short review: 

Comes from an Italian brand called Cressi, this snorkel has a float mechanism and it is helpful to prevent the water from entering the snorkel either manually submerged or accidentally. There is also a highly flexible tube that fairly decreases the fatigue that jaw takes. At the same time, it can be helpful to store in a pocket or travel bag when you are traveling. This snorkel features a broader and elliptical bore shape that is perfect for more comfortable breathing.

There is also a purge valve located that can be used for comfortable breathing as it boosts air flow capacity. It also can be used for automatic instant clearing whenever it is required. The product is one hundred percent silicon made and is durable, higher quality and lot better than just PVC. Last but not the least, it also has dry-top snorkel technology that automatically closes water intake as you submerge.

   4.2 Special things of this product: 

The snorkel contains a corrugated flexible tube that which means that you can say goodbye to jaw fatigue. It also drops away when not in use so you are not bothered by its presence when not required. Thi is made of very high quality silicone, is durable. The Alpha Ultra dry streamlined design is helpful to reduce the drag when you are underwater.

Also, there is a top secure the snorkel with an adjustable clip to your mask which further reduces the drag when under water. You can draw every breath in confidence when under water and not worry about your safety at all.

special things

 4.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • It contains float mechanism that stops the water intake into snorkel
  • Snorkel has a very flexible and comfortable tube that reduces the jaw fatigue to a certain level.
  • Thi has a broader and elliptical bore shape that boosts the air flow capacity for better and comfortable breathing
  • High quality silicone, a lot better and long lasting life than PVC
  • Purge valve present for instant clearing

Things we dislike: 

  • They should improve the valve’s fitting to fit all the users
  • Mouthpiece size could do better to adjust all the users

   4.4 Who should get it? 

Overall, it is a really good snorkel for diving and submerging underwater for all the pros out there. Newcomers and beginners can also have a go at it, given its durability and good quality material. They can know it will keep them safe.

  5. Calypso Aquatics Dry Snorkel

   5.1 Short review: 

An interesting aspect about this snorkel is that it comes with a patented purge valve that is helpful to vent the bubbles toward you rather than out in front of you. But don’t worry, your photography or videos will not be disturbed by it. Dry snorkel is used to make the best of float mechanism that is great to keep the water out.

Moreover, the snorkel comes with a rather flexible and they have ergonomically designed the tube that keeps your jaw relaxed. What happens in traditional mouthpieces is that you get a fatigued jaw but that is not a case here. The bubbles have no interruption in the field of vision or in your photography so that will not be a problem. We hope that this will be a good choice for a snorkel. And you will have a great time under water wearing it.

   5.2 Special things of this product: 

Though this snorkel looks pretty plain and simple on the surface, it’s not. It has a lot to it. Firstly, it has a flexible tube mechanism that will make sure to give rest and comfort to your jaws. It is silicone that does not deliver fatigue to your jaws. Their patented purge valves make sure that bubbles are thrown toward you and not in front of you out. Simple looking snorkel will give you a really good experience under water while keeping you comfortable.

 5.3 Things we like and dislike

Things we like: 

  • There is a patented purge valve to throw bubbles while keeping your line of vision clear
  • Float mechanism to keep the water out
  • Ergonomically designed flexible tube
  • Durable and high quality material
  • 2 year warranty

Things we dislike: 

  • Could add in more features but overall it is a good and economical option
  • Fitting could improve a bit

   5.4 Who should get it? 

Safe to say that it has good plenty of good reviews by the people who have used it. It is reliable and it can be used by pretty much in for a good snorkeling experience. Economical and good features.

III. How to choose the best Snorkel Mask?

Choosing the best snorkel is not an easy task as it is a matter of your safety. It takes courage to go underwater, relying on just a snorkel so research must be done on snorkel. Below are the 6 factors that you need to take into account when choosing the best snorkel. Compare different products on the basis of these 6 factors and see which one fits your preferences.

  1. Durability

Durability plays an important part in choosing the best snorkel as per your needs. You have to be conscious enough to know the difference in material of various snorkels. However, if you are ordering online, then go for the one that has silicone made mouthpiece for extra comfort. Durable snorkel makes sure that it lasts long and saves your money on newer purchases.

  2. Budget

The higher the amount of money you throw on the purchase of snorkel, higher the specifications you are getting. It is good to set a budget for yourself and compare the prices of different snorkels to see which one you can afford. You will come across snorkels of various price ranges as you explore the online marketplace for snorkel.

  3. Material

Material matters a lot in snorkel purchase because not only it ensures your safety and protection, it also takes into account the life of the snorkel. Look for the snorkel that has high quality and durable material and silicon mouthpiece. If material is good, you can be relaxed while going under water that it will take care of you.

  4. Purge valve

Purge valve plays an important role in snorkeling. This snorkel has a large purge valve that automatically drains water out. There is no need to manually purge the snorkel because it will take care of that. You should look for the one with a reliable and large purge valve for automatic draining. This will make sure that the water will drain automatically than have you do it.

  5. Flexible tube

If you snorkel regularly, you come across the fatigued jaw problem from time to time. You can say goodbye to this problem if you have a flexible tube. Flexible tube makes sure to drift away when not in use and doesn’t obstruct your view. Flexible tube makes your overall snorkeling experience flawless and comfortable.

  6. Replaceable mouthpiece

It is not an easy task to take care of your stuff when you are done snorkeling. One is tired and fatigued after their time under water so they forget to pick up their stuff. A lot of times it happens that you forget the mouthpiece and lose it. It is an annoying problem to get a whole new snorkel just because the mouthpiece is lost.

Look for the one that has a replaceable mouthpiece. So that even if you lose it, you can just get the mouthpiece and start snorkeling again.

Comparing different snorkels on the basis of these 6 factors will make sure that you get the best snorkel. Look for as many snorkels as possible by staying in your budget.

IV. How to clean and care a snorkel?

How to clean and care a snorkel

Cleaning and clearing the snorkel from time to time is a good idea as it makes sure to prolong its life. Absolutely no one would want to spend their time and money on getting a new snorkel every now and then. So, to take care of your snorkel, make sure to clean it with your fingers or any toothpaste from a brand.

They have designed the snorkel to be worn on the left side. Attach the snorkel keeper around your left mask strap. You can also adjust the mouthpiece for comfort by sliding the keeper up or down. Washing the snorkel in nice warm water and rinsing it properly afterwards is a good idea. Any germ killing mouthwash in the mouthpiece could be a good idea to properly clean it.

It depends if you have dry or semi-dry style, you can block purge valve and drop some mouthwash in mouthpiece. This way, you can make sure to properly clean and take care of your snorkel. Not only it will elongate its life but will also give you a nice hygienic experience under water.

V. Conclusion

We discussed 5 different types of snorkels, each one of these coming with its specialties and drawbacks. Then we also looked into the value for money, specifications and different features of these snorkels. However, there can only be 1 winner among these 5 and it is going to be Phantom Aquatics Dry Snorkel. So, we have made this decision based on several metrics.

Phantom Aquatics Dry Snorkel stood out to be the winner because it has great value for money. It comes in many different colors and its oval-shaped bored tube makes it a perfect choice for scuba diving. One interesting aspect among many is that it has a flexible tube that gets out of the way automatically when not in use.

Many snorkels come short when it comes to the purge valve. They either have an unreliable purge valve. Or they have a purge valve that is too short to function properly like it is supposed to. However, Phantom Aquatics Dry Snorkel has a large purge valve connected with a self-draining chamber. This will make sure that the water never finds itself a way in and you will be safe.

Considering all these factors, we hope that you are now knowledgeable enough to make a choice on best snorkel. Hence, we dived into many different aspects of choosing the best snorkel. And one that came on top was Phantom Aquatics Dry Snorkel.

 Also talked about benefits of having a silicon mouthpiece. This will rest your jaw and not result in jaw fatigue after your snorkeling experience. Let’s hope this guide will be your go-to guide for any future use whenever you are looking into snorkels. You can get the best snorkel for your next snorkeling experience.
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